Carlos Velazquez is a Parks Maintenance Worker III for the Town of Highland Park. He has been with the Town for six years now, assisting with maintaining all the beautiful green spaces and parks, coordinating Town special events, assisting with landscape design for the season flower beds, and helps to coordinate contractors. During the summer, Carlos took on the responsibility of getting the pool repaired after the Winter Storm; and maintained the pool operation for the summer. Previously, he was a logistics Driver for Pepsi Company, and also worked for the City of Dallas Water Distribution department for 8 years.
      Carlos was selected as a 2019 Employee of the Year because he is always dependable, first to volunteer, and is always willing to teach and assist fellow employees. There is never a time that he cannot be counted on. Carlos brings a cheerful attitude to his work and has an amazing artistic talent. His creative mind brings new ideas and solutions to any discussion and is evident in the color beds at the parks and around Town Hall.
      Carlos is married to Heather Velazquez for thirteen years, and have three children: Alianna, Noah, and Leo. In his free time, he coaches is son’s baseball team, and even enjoys playing baseball and softball when given the chance. His favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.