Department: University Park Parks and Recreation Department
Title:  Gardener II
Luis Castillo has been with University Park Parks and Recreation Department for a year and a half.  Although Luis joined our team relatively recently he has managed to become one of the most reliable, hardworking, and thoughtful members of our team. 
During Winter Storm Uri, Luis worked day and night the entire week.  He worked up until midnight each day and slept in a sleeping bag until it was time to start again early the next morning.  This is remarkable in and of itself but even more so since his house did sustain broken and leaking pipes as a result of the storm.
Luis brings this level of dedication to work every day.  In addition to his normal landscape maintenance responsibilities, Luis was recently selected to train with the department’s certified pool and fountain maintenance supervisor to eventually take on more maintenance oversight.  Luis is also very patient and diplomatic so he has become the person appointed to monitor field reservations several evenings each week.   He is exactly the type of person we want working directly with our parks patrons.  As you can see, Luis fills several important roles within our department and was recently promoted as a result of his hard work and dedication.  This is because he consistently displays dependability, effective communication skills, and an unwavering work ethic.

Luis is a husband and a father of four.  We are grateful he is part of the City of UP PARD team.