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Park Cities
Perot Museum
2201 N. Field Street
Dallas, TX 75201
United States of America

RCPC Tours the Perot!
Check Out the Highly Interactive Becoming Jane: Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall

“Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall” is a highly engaging exhibition that allows guests to experience the remarkable story of a true STEM pioneer. From childhood adventures in England to her revolutionary work in Tanzania, Dr. Goodall forged a path never traveled before, and her groundbreaking contributions from studying animals in the wild changed the scienceworld forever. This incredible exhibit showcases her adventurous and awe-inspiring life through an immersive projection experience of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park, a hologram projection of Dr. Goodall narrating her impactful story, a replica of her research tent in Africa and so much more.

Very fun! Can't wait to check it out with you! 

Sunday, June 26th


Perot Museum
2201 N. Field Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

Ticket prices: Buy your tickets on the Perot Museum website or at the Perot  Get Tickets | Perot Museum of Nature and Science
They are not offering group tickets at this time, so we need to purchase our tickets either on their website or at the museum.

Perot Members-Free general admission; Becoming Jane Exhibit: $5; 3D Film: $6

Non Members:
Adults 13-64yrs General admission-$25; Becoming Jane Exhibit: $8; 3D Film: $8
Youth under 13yrs General admission-$15; Becoming Jane Exhibit: $6; 3D Film: $8
Seniors 65+ General Admission-$18; Becoming Jane Exhibit: $8; 3D Film: $8

Member Parking: $5 (Must be purchased at the box office prior to leaving to receive the discounted rate.)
Non Member Parking: $10

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