RCPC Office Phone Number:  469-242-9448
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The December meetings will NOT be at Maggiano's!
December 1 - at the Salvation Army
December 8 - at the Austin Street Center
Check the website and the eBulletins for details!
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RCPC Annual Meeting and Election of Officers and Board Members will be Friday, December 1, 2023 at the regular meeting.
The Proposed Slate of Officers and Board Members for the 2024-25 Rotary Year:
President (2024-25): PE Nolan Duck shall succeed to the Presidency without further balloting after serving one year as President Elect.
President Elect (2024-25): Sarah Oliai
Vice President (2024-25): Mark Kashar
Director (2024-26): Siobhan Abraham
Director (2024-26): Susan Harris 
Director (2024-26): Van Oliver
PI Director (2024-26): Mark Neace
Director (2nd year of term): Holly Hollenbeck  
Director  (2nd  yearyear  of term): Tammy Cowser
Director (2nd year of term): Kristin Tesmer 
Dir. at Large (2024-25): Barb Jeffries
Treasurer (2024-26): Leo Avila
Secretary (2024-25): Pat Martin
Sgt-at-Arms (2024-25): Herb Hammond
Parliamentarian (2024-25): Richard Gilman
Immediate Past President: Jeff Sheehan
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Volunteers Needed for the Transportation Committee!
Provide a ride to and from meetings for members unable to drive.
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Club merchandise!

This is only for second shirts and hats! The first shirt and hat new members receive for free as part of their blue badge requisites (during their visit to the Club office).

Buy a second RCPC club cap with club logo. Click here to purchase. ($20/cap) 
Buy a second RCPC blue shirt with club logo. Click here to purchase ($40/shirt - no price difference between men’s or women's)
Contact Laurie to pick up the shirt and/or hat once you pay for it.